Shabby Chic Bird Cage Decor

  My favorite decorating style is Shabby Chic. It emphasizes vintage elements that makes a room feel comfy and pleasant.  


  I created this cute bird cage for my bedroom.  The materials are inexpensive and you can find these at any craft store.  


*Bird cage (medium or small)

*1 large flower, medium and small flowers

*Dried Moss


*Glue gun




1.  Cut the styrofoam. Make sure that it is smaller than the size of the birdcage so that it can fit easily inside.  

2.  Glue and cover the dried moss on the styrofoam.

3.  Cut the flower stems at an angle so that it has a pointy end to easily insert the flower into the styrofoam.

4.  Bottom flowers:

     Insert the flowers into the styrofoam to cover the sides of the birdcage.  

5.  Top Flowers:  

     Cut and glue the flower stems on top of the birdcage. Mix and match any flowers you like.  

6.  Flower inside the birdcage: 

     Cut the large flower. Insert the stem into the styrofoam until it fits well inside.  

  You can use twigs, cut out butterflies, and lace for extra embellishments.  That's all you have to do!  I hope this tutorial will inspire you to create a    beautiful bird cage for your home decor.  :)