• Lavender Cee

Loreal Infallible Fresh Wear Foundation | Review

Finding an affordable long wearing foundation is difficult, but I'm glad that I tried this foundation. Loreal Infallible Fresh Wear is available in 30 shades for fair, light, medium, and deep skin tones. Isn't that great?

Loreal claims that this foundation lasts for 24 hours and it resists sweat, water, and transfer. I don't wear my foundation for 24 hours, but I am happy to tell you that the longevity of this foundation is great. It lasted for at least 6 hours on my face.

Fresh Wear is a satin matte foundation and it has a liquidy texture. It is easy to blend, covers skin discolorations, and it provides a medium coverage. This foundation is good for mature skin. It doesn't accentuate fine lines and wrinkles.

Before using this foundation, it is better to exfoliate your skin to achieve a smooth canvas for the foundation.

I use the shade 130 True Beige.

I wasn't happy about the results when I first tried this product. But I realized that a little goes a long way. If you apply too much, it looks cakey on the skin. It works well if you apply a small amount of product.

If you have dry skin, just lightly sweep the powder on your face and dust only those areas that actually need powder for a beautiful and fresh look.

Overall, I prefer using this product compared to the Infallible Stay Fresh foundation, because it doesn't feel dry on my skin and it provides a natural finish that lasts all day.

I highly recommend this product.


Lavender Cee

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