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When To Throw Away Your Makeup?

The year 2017 is coming to an end. It is time to check our makeup drawers and toss out our old makeup collection. Makeup is expensive and sometimes it is difficult to let go of these items, but using expired makeup can cause infections and other health problems.

You can find an icon of an open jar on the back of the packaging. This indicates the shelf life of the product after opening. In this picture, 6M means that you can safely use this product for 6 months. Before you buy makeup, make sure to check the back of the packaging and look for this icon. If you can't find this icon, you can compare the manufacturing date and expiration date.

If you want to know the shelf life of makeup products, here are some guidelines:


1-2 years

*Face Primer:

9-12 months

*Face Powder

1-2 years

*Powder Blush

1-2 years

*Cream Blush

1 year

*Powder Highlighter

1 year

*Powder Bronzer

12-18 months

*Cream Bronzer and Cream Highlighter

1 year


3 months

*Liquid Eyeliner

3 months

*Pencil Eyeliner, Pencil Brow liner

1 year (sharpen often to remove the bacteria)

*Cream Eyeshadow, Gel Eyeliner, Cream Eye primer, Brow Gel

6 months

*Powder Eyeshadow

2 years

*Pigments, Glitters

6 months


1-2 years


6 months to 1 year


1-2 years

Simple Tips:

*Wash your hands before applying makeup.

*Don't share your makeup with anyone. Spray the product with alcohol if someone uses your makeup.

*Smell your mascara and lip products before applying these on your eyes and lips. Look out for changes in texture, color and smell. If it has an odd smell, throw it away.

*Store your makeup in a cool, dry place.

*Sharpen your eye and lip pencils to remove the bacteria.

*Clean your makeup brushes regularly and don't share your makeup tools with anyone.

*Never use expired makeup.

I hope you find this information helpful. Remember to toss out your old makeup and stay healthy.


Lavender Cee

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