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Missame Brushes

Makeup brushes are the most important tools for good makeup application. If you want to achieve a flawless makeup look, you need to invest on high quality makeup brushes. High quality brushes are expensive, but there are affordable brushes that can do a good job.

Missame brushes are synthetic, cruelty-free and affordable. The set includes 5 eye brushes and 5 face brushes. The ten brushes work really well. I love the bamboo handles! These are very lightweight and great for travel.

The brush set includes:

*Smudge Brush

- for smudging eyeshadows

*Angled Liner Brush

- for defining brows and winged eyes

*Concealer Brush

- for concealer and eyeshadow application

*Angled Eye Brush

- for eyeshadow application

*Blending Brush

- for blending eyeshadows on the crease

*Contouring Brush

- for contouring and highlighting

*Foundation Brush

- for foundation (cream or liquid)

*Blush Brush

- for blush or bronzer application

*Kabuki Brush

- good for blending blush, bronzer, and powder

*Flat Top Brush

- for buffing liquid and cream foundations ( This is my favorite brush in the set. )

These brushes are very soft. I used the Flat Top Brush to apply my foundation, and I achieved a smooth finish. The Concealer Brush is good to use for eyeshadow application as well.

These are good makeup brushes for beginners. You can order the Missame Brush Set on Amazon for $25.04 .

If you are looking for some affordable brushes, I recommend the Missame Brush Set.


Lavender Cee

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