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Lipstick Swatches and Reviews

Hello! Who doesn’t love drugstore lipsticks? You can easily find a drugstore brand that has the same quality and pigmentation of lipsticks similar to a high end brand.

Revlon, L’oreal, NYX and Maybelline are my favorite drugstore brands. I want to share with you some swatches of lipsticks I own.


* Color Riche Collection Star

These lipsticks are very creamy. You don’t need to use a lip liner and it applies evenly. These colors are wearable for a simple makeup look. If you love pink, coral and light plum colors, here are some beautiful shades for you.

If you love matte and highly pigmented colors, these are perfect for you.

These colors are beautiful! Pure Amaranthe is my favorite shade.

NYX Round Lipsticks

These lipsticks are creamy and moisturizing. You need to wear a lip liner because the color slides around the lips. NYX Round Lipsticks are affordable and have great quality.


These coral/peachy shades are beautiful and creamy. Clinique is high end but it is very similar to NYX and Maybelline coral/peachy shades. These are beautiful! If you love light and simple shades, these are for you.


If you love lipgloss, here are some good colors that you can use on top of your lipstick or you can wear it alone. The color fades after you eat and drink. It doesn’t last long but the colors are vibrant.

Final Thoughts:

If you need some new lipsticks and want to stay on a budget, think about what you are paying for. If you buy an expensive product because of the pretty packaging and popularity , think twice. Most of the time drugstore lipsticks are better than high end. Give these a try! :)

Lavender Cee

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