Christmas Wreath

 I love doing crafts for the holidays. This is a simple project and the materials are easy to find. I used a blue theme for my wreath, because this color is pleasing to the eyes. You can create this wreath in 5 easy steps.


1. Christmas wreath (any size)

2. Christmas ornaments and flowers (You can use any color scheme you prefer)

3. Red Christmas berries

4. Glue gun

5. Scissors

6. Twist ties


*Fluff out the branches of the wreath.

*Thread the ornaments onto the twist ties. The balls are tied and secured together in this way. You can also stick the ornaments  and the red Christmas berries on the wreath using a glue gun. 

*Attach the artificial flowers on the top part of the wreath.


*Once you have filled the entire wreath with ornaments, you can add  other embellishments such as bells, bows, and pine cones.

*Hang and secure the decorated wreath on your door using a twist tie.