Shabby Chic Brush Holder

 Mason jars are simple, inexpensive and can be used for storing brushes, kitchen utensils, decorative flowers, and other items.  You can make the jars look pretty by adding some embellishments.  


 It's all about creativity. :)



*Mason Jar

*Glue gun

*White Lace Trim

*Elastic Lace Ribbon

*White decorative stones



1.  Wash, clean, and dry the mason jar. 

2.  Cover the table with a newspaper or anything that can protect the              table from scratches and glue.

3.  Wash, dry, and fill the jar with white decorative stones.

4.  Measure the rim of the jar. Cut the lace and elastic ribbon to cover the      rim.

5.  Wrap and glue the lace around the jar. Wrap it tightly.

     Glue the elastic ribbon on top of the first wrapped lace. 

     This is simple, pretty, and easy to create!  

 You can use any embellishments such as flowers, pearls, and buttons for the jars. Have fun creating your decorative mason jars!